Dr. Robert Lee Aston, PhD,
U. of Aston, U.K., Dr. of Engineering, U. of Missouri, is
an Adjunct Professor of Mining
Law and Environmental Law at
the U. of Missouri-Rolla, School
of Mines, with decades of
"hands-on" experience in law,
mining, and geology.

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A Legal Aid for the Mining Industry, Mineral Lawyers, and International Mining Investors

  • are from English Common Law Countries and are respected decisions in all common law jurisdictions
  • are condensed, thus saving reading time from lengthy, detailed court and legal analysis, yet cover the essential information of the Case Decision
  • are written in language for Mining Persons as well as for Mining Lawyers.


  • for guidance and instructional value in actual or planning of contemplated mining activities when questions and concerns arise in similar circumstances
  • to avoid legal consequences of wrongful decisions and actions in similar circumstances
  • to profit by other's actions or mistakes in similar circumstances
  • for guidance in anticipated or actual litigation by citing case precedents.

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